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WLR Maple Syrup Case (12 FL OZ.)




This Woodlife Ranch Maple Syrup Case includes 12 bottles (12 FL OZ.) of our organic maple syrup. Select from one of our traditional maple syrup flavors, including Amber, Golden, and Dark. One flavor per case.


  • The Golden maple syrup is the first of the season to be tapped, making it the lightest in color and most delicate in flavor.
  • The Amber maple syrup is made mid-season and is a bit darker in color, featuring a smooth, more rounded flavor.
  • The Dark maple syrup is darker in color and the most robust in flavor.
  • Grade A
  • Made in Williamstown, MA.
  • Each case contains (12) 12 FL OZ (355 ML) bottles of maple syrup.
  • Syrup is bottled in a clear glass bottle with a heavy base. The closure is a synthetic cork with a wooden top.
  • Refridgerate after opening.

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